colorWRX Technologies Inc. is dedicated to developing innovative painting systems that will Change the Way You Paint.

For pros and DIYers



The colorWRX Painting System was developed by a professional painter for professional use and allows you to paint faster, with less mess and without sacrificing the quality of the job. The easy-to-use system is also perfect for do-it-yourselfers for all home improvement projects.

The speed and quality of a painting job are determined in a large part by the quality of the tools. Unlike many companies that produce a budget-line of tools for weekend warriors, at colorWRX, we manufacture one line of professional grade painting tools at budget-friendly prices.

colorWRX is a vertically-integrated company and we control all aspects of design, production and distribution. Proprietary, industry-unique designs and manufacturing processes allow us to use the highest quality materials but offer our products at prices accessible to all.

Check back often for new developments and products that will help you Change the Way You Paint.

Change the Way

You Paint.