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For pros and DIYers



Q: Is the QuikBrush for professionals or DIYers?
A: The QuikBrush was designed by a professional painter to make commercial jobs quicker and easier. But its unique, easy-to-use design also makes the QuikBrush the perfect painting tool for DIYers for all home improvement projects. Professional grade materials are used to ensure a consistent and high quality paint job.

Q: How often do I have to squeeze the trigger?
A: Once the brush tip is loaded with paint, you only have to squeeze the trigger when you need more paint. Each squeeze delivers enough paint to cover about one square foot. Put another way, you only need to squeeze the trigger as often as you would dip a standard brush in the paint can. But with the QuikBrush, there is no can to deal with!

Q: The paint reservoir looks rather small. Won’t I be constantly refilling it?
A: Despite its compact appearance, the paint reservoir holds one quart (950ml) of paint. This is more than enough for most paint jobs using a brush.

Q: Are replacement brushes available?
A: Yes, brush refills are available at colorWRX partner locations. Click here for more information.

Q: What kinds of paints can I use with the QuikBrush?
A: The QuikBrush is suitable for use with all paints. Just be careful to use the right solvent for clean up if you are using a non-water based paint. For more information, click here. 

Q: I don’t have a garden hose and the adapter won’t fit on my faucet.
A: The QuikBrush brush head can be cleaned as you would a standard paint brush. Simply remove the brush head from the pump handle and clean with warm, soapy water, and then rinse well. To clean the pump, insert the free end of the feed tube into a container of clean water and squeeze the trigger until the water runs clear.

Q: When painting overhead the paint occasionally drips down the handle. How can this be prevented?
A: If you are doing a lot of overhead work such as cutting in at the ceiling, make sure you keep the QuikBrush moving against the wall when you squeeze the trigger to load more paint. The QuikBrush is designed to have paint flow to the brush tip, but paint can begin to build up inside the brush and potentially drip down if the brush is not moving when the trigger is squeezed.

Keep the brush moving and you will prevent dripping AND finish the job faster!