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For pros and DIYers


    Tips and Tricks!


    Hose Placement

    Be sure to thread the hose through the loop on the armband for maximum comfort and efficiency!


    Preventing Drips

    If you are doing a lot of overhead work such as cutting in at the ceiling, make sure you keep the QuikBrush moving against the wall when you squeeze the trigger to load more paint. The QuikBrush is designed to have paint flow to the brush tip, but paint can begin to build up inside the brush and potentially drip down if the brush is not moving when the trigger is squeezed.
    Keep the brush moving and you will prevent dripping AND finish the job faster!


Set Up

  • Insert feed tube through the hole in the paint reservoir lid. Ensure that the end of the tube reaches the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Attach the free end of the feed tube to the paint inlet on the pump handle.The feed tube can be cut to length for those with shorter arms. Ensure that the hose is long enough to allow for unrestricted movement.
  • Pour paint into the reservoir and secure the lid by inserting the tabs through the slots. Lock the lid into place by pressing the tabs outward until a “click” is heard.
  • Use the Velcro strip to secure the feed tube to your arm, just above the elbow.
  • Attach the reservoir to your belt or waistband. Use

Clean Up

Using a Faucet or Garden Hose
(for water-based paints)

    • Attach the Hose/Faucet adapter to a standard garden hose, hose bib, or faucet and connect the feed tube to the adapter. (Note: not all faucets will accept the adapter.)
    • Turn on the water using low pressure at first. The flow of water will clear the feed tube and begin to exit from the brush. There is no need to pump the handle.
    • When the paint has been cleared from the feed tube, increase the water pressure. Run the water until the brush is cleared of paint.
    • Squeeze the trigger a few times to ensure that the pump is clean.

Clean Up Without Using the Adapter*

    • Remove the brush head by pulling on the plastic ferrule while pressing the two tabs on either side of the base of brush head.
    • Insert the feed tube into a container of clean water or the recommended solvent. Squeeze the trigger several times until the paint is cleared from the tube and the water or solvent runs clear.
    • Clean the brush head using warm soapy water or solvent.


  • Load the brush by squeezing the trigger several times until paint is delivered to the brush tip. (Note: thicker paints  will initially take more squeezes until the brush is loaded.)
  • Paint is delivered on demand with a squeeze of the trigger.
  • Each squeeze delivers enough paint to cover approximately one square foot.
  • For touch ups, use the QuikBrush head and manual handle.