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For pros and DIYers



The colorWRX QuikBrush is the first precision painting tool that combines a professional grade brush with an integrated pump system that delivers paint on demand with the squeeze of the trigger.

Paint is fed to the brush tip from a reservoir that clips on to your belt giving you complete freedom to paint without constantly reaching for a paint can. The result is an easier, faster job with fewer drips and less mess. The QuikBrush also makes painting from a ladder or scaffold much safer as you always have one hand free and no paint can to juggle.

The QuikBrush is available in 2.5″ and 3″ brush sizes and all kits come with a manual handle for small jobs and touch ups. Just remove the QuikBrush brush head and snap in the manual handle. Replacement brush heads are available at authorized colorWRX partner locations.

Clean up is quick and easy. Simply attach the QuikBrush to a garden hose or faucet and it cleans itself from the inside out.

Each QuikBrush kit contains:

  •    QuikBrush handle with integrated precision micro-pump
  •     Professional grade brush head suitable for all paints
  •     Paint reservoir that holds one quart (950 ml) of paint
  •     Paint feed tube
  •     Manual brush handle
  •     Garden hose adapter for clean up

For instructions on use and clean up, click here.


Change the Way You Paint with the colorWRX QuikBrush.